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Product name: Dell OptiPlex Micro Dual VESA Mount(Kit)
Product ID: 139610
EAN/UPC barcodes: 2000000556758
Type: Monitor arm
Short Description: The Dell OptiPlex Micro Dual VESA Mount is designed to hide your OptiPlex 3020 or 9020 Micro PC behind a flexible, wall-mounted display arm (sold separately). In addition to keeping your OptiPlex system out of view, this mount allows the system to move and travel with the arm and display.
Features: Wall mountable, flexible arm, integrated cable management
Compatibility: Designed and tested specifically for OptiPlex 3020 and 9020 Micro systems, this mount integrates seamlessly with VESA compatible Dell displays and wall mounts.
Gross weight: 1.40 kg.
Warranty: 3 month(s)

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